How did we start...

In 2014, we started by filming a wedding. We did not know what we was doing. This job was sent to Shalisha Lewis by her professor at North Georgia Technical College, where she received her associated degree in Photography. We decided to take the job. Darryl was pursing a career in recreation and sports management but had a passion for creating art through music and drum covers video. We didn’t have the right cameras or proper equipment to start filming weddings, but the only thing we saw was starting a family business, we really enjoyed working together, and spending time together.  After our first wedding, darryl really enjoyed filming weddings and watching tutorials on how to film weddings so he decided to create art through filming weddings. Slowly but surely we started getting jobs to film and take photos. We was still unsure that this is what we wanted to consider….But now, this is what we love to do.

Our story...

Story from Darryl Lewis

Our story started in 2013 and everything started with me . Shalisha did not have any intersted in me but thought I was cute/ nice looking. I had a little crush/big crush on Shalisha and one of the reason because she had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I believed that this was the young lady I wanted to be with and was literally praying for her. After getting ready go home for winter break from college, I decided to go to my cousin Cj McIntosh barber shop knowing that it could have been a possibility of meeting her and somehow getting in touch with her. Cj McIntosh was my cousin and his wife, Brandy McIntosh, was Shalisha cousin. During the time of being at the barber shop, we started talking about my time at Mars Hill University. While talking, I made a statement, “I really haven’t found anyone because I am looking for someone that has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”, and Cj stated, “you know what cuzzo, I usually do not do this but I want you to meet this girl (which was Shalisha).” I was excited and nervous at the same time because this is what I wanted and dreamed of !…. After this day, Shalisha reached out to me which was shocking because she turned me down one time already. She reached out to me and invited me to New Year Eve service at True Agape Christian Church. I was like yes, but I had a paid gig in North Carolina to play the Drums on New Year Eve night. I made a decision to cancel the gig and go to the New Year’s Eve service with Shalisha. Good money was involve with the gig but I realize that money is not always good when it come to someone that you really like. So after the New Year’s Eve Service we went  to my home church and we talked all not. That was the night that I realize that I really do not have a personal relationship with Christ and I wanted she had concerning a personal relationship with Christ. After this night we never looked back.. The rest was history !

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