How did we start...

In 2014, we started by filming a wedding. We did not know what we was doing. This job was sent to Shalisha Lewis by her professor at North Georgia Technical College, where she received her associated degree in Photography. We decided to take the job. Darryl was pursing a career in recreation and sports management but had a passion for creating art through music and drum covers video. We didn’t have the right cameras or proper equipment to start filming weddings, but the only thing we saw was starting a family business, we really enjoyed working together, and spending time together.  After our first wedding, darryl really enjoyed filming weddings and watching tutorials on how to film weddings so he decided to create art through filming weddings. Slowly but surely we started getting jobs to film and take photos. We was still unsure that this is what we wanted to consider….But now, this is what we love to do.

Our story...

2019 Cppyright Versatile Impact, LLC

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